Roman Cohen
Boaz Kaizman, 2014

Roman Cohen is a sort of visual audiobook. A visual audiobook whose story, Roman Cohen by Boaz Kaizman, is illustrated with the aid of a computer program, and is told with a computer voice, text to speech.

"In 1946 Roman the painter married Riva. His nights were not filled with the joy of the coming Jewish State and his days were whipped into a thick mixture by his wife and his soft character. Roman the teacher, who approves of every piece of work done by a child, does watercolors on paper that soaks up all his excitement. Back at the academy of art in Leipzig, Roman used the watercolor technique. He gathered his subjects into a daily report: landscapes he had seen in his childhood, landscapes he had seen yesterday, landscapes that recurred but were different, landscapes that had been changed by the light of the day and season, gloomy northern light, searing winter light lacking dullness, weightiness, clouds, a dense and damp light." read more


This artwork is dedicated to Margrit Wiesenbart 1940-2013